Solo Leveling: The best scenes and moments from the Manhwa that should be included in the Anime.

Manhwa, Webcomic, and Anime fans rejoice. The Anime adaptation of Solo Leveling- the hit webcomic by Chugong- has been announced! With a trailer already released, and the predicated March 2023 release date, there’s a lot for fans to be excited about!  Solo Leveling is one of, if not the top action fantasy comic of the year. It has captured thousands of fans, with its intense pace, relatable characters, and the powerful and determined Sung Jinwoo. With the Anime predicated to be coming out soon, here are scenes that should absolutely be included

What is Solo Leveling, and why you should read it.

Solo leveling is an action fantasy manhwa/ webcomic featured on the platform It is considered a premium comic. Don’t worry, 10 dollars get you through about 15 episodes, and there’s currently a promotion going on! Free episodes and a 3hr wait for free episodes, so there’s not really any excuse to not read it!

Sung Jinwoo is the weakest hunter around, barely stronger than the average human, and in every dungeon he enters, he’s sure to die. The only thing that saves him is a strong healer, but one day when the group he’s with enters an unknown double dungeon Jinwoo is the only one to try and survive, the rest run for their lives. The double dungeon encounter changes Jinwoo’s life forever, and he discovers the ability to level up as if he was in a video game! From there on out, he’s determined to become the strongest of them all and take out anyone who threatens his loved ones and his world.

Best Moments that should be added

****SPOILER ALERT!****  If you haven’t seen or heard of solo-leveling, and want to read it, then don’t read the rest of this article. You can find the link (and my quick review) here.

Now that you know what Solo Leveling is, if you didn’t already, let’s get to the best parts!

  • The penalty Quest:
    • This is where Jinwoo is still just getting used to the idea of being able to level up- while being in the hospital. He doesn’t do his required tasks, and for that- he faces the penalty of Survival.
  • The Clean-up Crew:
    • Jinwoo’s strategy to level up leads him to act as a clean-up miner for gems. It turns into a bigger façade than that. This is also where he’ll meet one of his biggest allies
  • The entire Demon Castles Scene:
    • This takes place over 3-4 episodes, and Jinwoo proves he follows his own rules. There are also several well-meaning but definitely sounds like messed-up innuendo moments in there.
  • The Reawakening Attempt:
    • Wanna find out how powerful Jinwoo actually is? These people certainly did and learned really quickly that shouldn’t.
  • Every Fight scene:
    • Is this cliché to put in here? Absolutely, but Jinwoo shines his best when he’s kicking monster butt, and just overtaking the situations. The protectiveness he has over his family and friends is what seems to power him the most. There are arguably the best scenes in Solo Leveling
      • Of course, the final fight scene, with the ice elves and monsters: That NEEDS to be in there, it’s too gorgeous of artwork to not add, not to mention the finale.

What are you waiting for?

Go read the original comic and fall in love with the world like thousands of us already have! Solo Leveling is the best Action Fantasy Manwha that I’ve read, and you have yet to read!