Library Spotlight: January

What is Library Spotlight?

Each month I go through and research interesting and possibly unknown libraries in little nooks of the world. Each month their will be a different library from a different place that is notable. Suggestions from the Readers is also accepted and taken into consideration

Musselman Library

To start off for January’s library is Musselmen Library at Bluffton University. Musselmen has many resources to help patron including a production area for creating posters and bulletin boards. The Production Area is on the 4th floor. On the 3rd floor is a co-working station, alongside career assistence books. The second floor is filled with books ranging from reference bibles to short stories by famous authors, cookbooks, and books about book. It also contains an archives and special collection section done by appointment, on the first floor. This section is filled with Mennonite history, true to the founding of the library. The library also hosts a career center for current and former students to ask for help, a writing center to ace those essays, and beautiful reading room with floor to ceiling round-top windows. With people constantly on call until 9pm, there’s no limit to the help you can receive and the peace that comes with it.

The reading room in Musselman during Christmas.

I should know, this is where I kicked off my library career. and learned so much about the hands on practice of librarianship. The staff is excellent and their always trying to find ways to help your research succeed. If there’s no one on call, you are always welcome to leave a note and they’ll get back to you as soon as possible the next day.

What’s next?

Musselman library is open to community members, and they even get their own cards. If this description makes you want to visit, go for it! We look forward to your visit!