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This page is where I share my current reads and recommendations for visitors like you! It’s also where people can leave comments about their current reads and link to websites that other readers might find helpful. Think of this as the reading hub! Feel free to share your current reads and obsessions!

Current Webcomes

The choice of webcomics and webnovels this round is

Let’s Break down each of these!

Starting from the top of the list, Daughter of the Archmage is a beautifully written webcomic about a young girl named Mabel who grew up believing she didn’t have any power, only to discover that her biological father is actually the most powerful Archmage in the lands! At ten years old she goes off to find her father, and indecently her magic, and meets a colorful crowd of fairies, beastmen, and adorable people. This is a super cute, fluffy webcomic, with a battle for an empire underneath the sweet cotton candy.

Next up is Solo Leveling. This action-packed webcomic has officially gotten its own graphic novels and upcoming anime. An excellent story featuring Jung Sungwoo, the weakest hunter of every group, ranked at hunter ranked E, who barely escapes death and awakes with an opportunity to become infinitely stronger! A story that’ll keep you hooked for hours, begging for more. Artwork that takes your breath away, I almost went broke reading this, and I feel no regret.

Cat’s Cafe: Wholesome, self-care, and mental health awareness. What more could you need or want?

The Villians Beloved daughter: An orphan with the same name and likeness as the fated Saintess tries to escape her fate of death and gets adopted by the cold blooded one who was set out to kill her. Cute and heartwrenching moments ahead in this new comic.

Can We Become Family?: Similar to the one above, but this heroine has been reborn numourus times, and finally decides to leave her fake family and create a new one. With someone who may or may not be her actual father (votes still out on the fans). For every heartwrenching moment that makes you want to scream in agony, there’s as many that’ll melt your soul.

The Siren: Becoming the Villian’s Family: This is a beautifully drawn webcomic that can take your breath away just by the art. A siren who suffers a terrible and abusive first life at the hands of her father and then a king is reborn to a time before she got her voice and decides she’s going to make sure this life she not only saves herself but the villains of the empire as well.

The Male Leads Little Lion daughter: It’s an adorable found family webcomic with a powerful and intimidating male lead as a father, and a young girl with a temper all of us can relate to.

The Little Landlady: All this heroine wanted was to be an architect, but she gets killed for being one, reborn into a powerful family as a child, and has to start her schemes all over again- but with a doting father and the mindset of an adult!

Becoming the Dark Heros Daughter: An orphaned girl tries to get a job at a dark, terrifying, hero’s mansion, and instead gets adopted by him! it’s a lovely found family with an air of mystery. Sherlock Holmes Moraity mixed with magic meets found family.

Not-sew-wicked stepmm: a retelling of the snowhite fairytale, where the stepmom actually… cares?! Yep! Follow Abigial as she repairs relations, saves a marriage and dotes on her stepdaughter. Oh, and try to figure out who killed her!

Current Books and Mangas

This round of books and mangas are:

  • Ascension of a bookworm: I’ll do anything to become a librarian
    • Featured on the home page, Myne is born into a world without books, and despite her weak stature, she’ll do anything to make books, read them, or even touch them! Her love of books constantly get her trouble as she always jumps ahead.
  • Idol Dreams:
    • I truly didn’t like this one. However, if you enjoy romance and people finally living out their childhood dreams then this one’s for you.
  • The Artist’s Way.
    • Unlock your inner or forgotten artist with tips and tricks on how to do so!
  • The making of a story
    • This is like a creative writing class in a book. Each chapter had the main lesson, then an exercise section to practice your writing and a section called “reading like a writer” to test the reader/ writer on how much they’ve actually picked up.
  • Reading like A writer
    • A smaller, but more preffered version of the creative writing class in book form. It’s quicker and more down to earth. One of the pet peeves I had with this book is that it often referenced out of date fiction, something more contemporary would’ve helped ground the reader more.

Disclaimer here: I may be a librarian and a reader but I am also a student, so sometimes those bite-size quick reads are the only available guiding light. Every busy person knows that when one is on a tight schedule, one takes what one can get in the way of reading.


Thank you for taking the time to read this! Let me know what you think, and check out all of the materials listed above! If you have anything I should check out, let me know in the comments! In the meantime, read on my bookworms!