About Me

About me

What is this place?

This place is a website I made that started out as a class project and has turned into a fun place for me to share my love of reading, and the seemingly mismatched taste I have with others. I’ve always looked for a website like GoodReads but with more direct interaction with people. So I built one.

Overview of the site

What do you review?

Books, Manga, and more my friend! Just as it says in the title. I give my honest opinion about each of them, even if I don’t like them. Several pages are dedicated to each review, current reads, and other events or exciting things.


Books read


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But why?

Because why not my dear? With so much knowledge under my belt, it’s only fitting that I share it with the world! A librarian’s job is to assist and guide the community and patrons they serve. Welcome to the community my friend.