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The MLK Library in DC

Library Spotlight, Current Reads, and Manga/Webcomics

Hey, Look At These!

Library Spotlight: January

View this months featured library, with links to the libraries website

Current Reads

Want to know what I’m reading? Maybe we’ll have the same taste

Manga/ Webcomics

New, obscure, premium, free and interesting Webcomics and Manga’s for the comic lover in all of us.

Personal Favorites

Ascendance of a bookworm: I’ll do anything to become a librarian

A cute manga about a student reborn into a world without books! Follow Myne as she tries to become a librarian without knowing where to begin.

The Lunar Chronicals.

A sci-fi retelling of the classic fairytales, including Cinderella, Snow white and more. Well-written action scenes, and some decent romance. (If you’re into that of course)

"I cannot live without books"- Thomas Jefferson

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